Airship Deeds and Letters of Registry are used
in many Realities as a manner for nations and states to moniter the number of airships built and commissioned in their domain and by the specifications required. These documents may also bear technical information and engine information for such vessels but it is just as likely to contain poetic language exsposing the virtues of a life amongst the clouds.

It is required for most Airship Captains and Owners to maintain some form of documentation of the location of their ship's christening and the nation state that luanched the vessel. Some Realities do not allow vessels from certain shipyards and of certain other Realities Breach into their skies. Falsified papers claiming and fictional yard of origin is not unheard of in Multiverse shipping and smuggling.

A few such documents come with clauses and addendums that some might find surprising. The Deed for a Ship of the Air from Reality A-7 Great Texas claims the vessel may be called into military service by the President of Texas. The most chilling is and ominious is the Mark of Registar from The Beloved Kingdom , one of the last true Dream Realities in the B-Sphere. It's closing passages swears the Master of the Airship to avenge The Beloved Kingdom should it ever fall. The Beloved Kingdom was decimated by a mass viral agent of unknown origin and is now a Dead World.


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