Graf zeppelin

Ship name - Airship Dionysus

Officially Formed -

Affiliation – SCARS

Crew classification – Entertainers/Traveling Circus

Vessel type – Airship

Current CrewEdit

  • Tayleb Duque
  • Lucion Boreham
  • Attis Duque (baby daywalker)
  • Brewmaster
  • Gideon Bonewright
  • Ryn Wu
  • Ivy McLeash
  • Symone Benoist
  • Fentual Plantanie
  • Minerva Plantanie w/ baby Daniel and Lucas Plantanie
  • Eirsen De Lancuir
  • Marie Isobel
  • Eleazar

Ship BioEdit

With the power of steam technology, the Airship Dionysus scales the world, continent to continent, to bring to people of all ages the wonders of her traveling circus, “Circus de Steam.” With many forms of entertainment and performances, they’ll bring you a memory you’ll never forget. Treasures are nice, but nothing beats the emotions of the audience as they witness the magic of the night. Everyday is an adventure on board the Dionysus whether it’s racing puppets, hypnotic drinks, or gunshots early in the mornings. However, despite being called performers, this crew is not one to be underestimated as music, martial arts, and magic runs in the blood of every member.