Great Texas is a Battle ground Reality where Order military forces are invading a "Disorderly" Reality

Great Texas is an Alternate Timeline Reality in the A Sphere of the Multiverse where the independent Republic of Texas has risen to become the dominant super power of the Earth and is resisting The Order with military measures. Great Texas is known to openly support the Renegade cause and has SCARS repair and refueling facilities across the globe.


President Sam Houston of Texas

This Reality has been openly assisted by the Airship Isabella in matters of training regime and procuring armaments in preparation of their defense. As the Primary Breach Point For this Reality is Galveston Island the Texans have prepared it to serve as a front line fortress and will use Texas itself as the front line of defense for their dimension. Their gratitude to Captain Whitaker has been shown with a commission in the Texas Rangers awarded personally by President Sam Houston himself.


© Airship Isabella 2012

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