Ship name - Airship Isabella

Officially formed -

Affiliation – S.C.A.R.S

Vessel classification – Mercenary/Pirate

Vessel type – Dirigible Airship

World of origin – Tetra

Current Crew

  • Sky Captain Sir Cedric "Greyhawk" Whittaker
  • Navigator Amelia Keeler Whittaker
  • First Officer Javert Marchand
  • Commander Amarante Leroux
  • Chief Medical Officer Dr. Clifford "Sandman" Nightshade
  • Chief Surgeon John Ocelot
  • Lead Scout Jonas Meriwether
  • Midshipman Jonesy Radovan
  • Captain's Bodyguard Kitty Livingston
  • Bosun/Gunner Brother Luke Chester Smith
  • Time Keeper Nyxie Essex
  • Ship Cook Mr. Fox
  • Vizier/Explosives Expert Suzeaux Ryette
  • Chief Engineer Seamus Black
  • Drop Medic Elizabeth McCallum
  • Spotter Wyatt Whittaker


© Airship Isabella 2012

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