Beautiful tropical beach

The entirety of Isis is temperate and pleasant with warm sunny days and slight rains early in the morning and after sunset.

Isis is a dream Reality in the B-Sphere of the Multiverse. Theories abound for the existance of the unique Dimension but all agree it is the living embodiment of a paradise. Constant temperate environment allows for a semi tropical setting trans- globally along with small moons which offer small reoccuring tides perfect for water sports. There are at least 5 inhabitible worlds in Isis all of which rotate in perfect harmony around their yellow Sun in equal distance and complimentary orbit. This abundance of temperate climate, territory, and food means the people of the worlds of Isis have never known war and have rarely advanced in technology using instead the power of their minds. Some of these natives have achieved incredible mental powers.

The native population of Isis is human but the ruling class of the entire Reality is a wise elder race of inteligent Alpaca that maintain a powerful religious control over the human population as their all knowing Shahs and spiritual advisors.

The human population of Isis wears little to no clothing and is know for it's highly promiscuous behavior. Eons of eating the local Galli fruit renders all humans sterile unless they eat the equally abundant Helva fruit to temporarily regain the ability to procreate. Therefore on Isis birth control is a given and all parenthood is planned.

Isis is one of the charter Realites behind the Neutral Worlds Treaty.


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