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L.A. Noire Sophronia Alderbaran

Ship: The Volantis

Title: Historian and Entertainer

Age: Appears to be in mid-twenties

Race: Human

Homeworld: Genesis

Hometown: Galway, Ireland; Raised in Rheinland, Germany and London, England

Date of Birth: June 26th, 1718


Her name is pronounced EL-a-nor, meaning "sun ray, shining light" or "compassion" in Greek. Also "other, foreign" in German. L.A. Noire is said to be nothing short of creative, emotional, outspoken, and just a tad naïve. When things go badly, she tends to retract into her “shell,” being a poster child for Cancers alike. When in Cancer-mode, she tends to be a complainer, though she's not always aware of just how much she's complaining. The former Equestrian rider loathes confrontation and as such, tends to react with her emotions instead of stepping back and assessing the situation. As such, it has been known to get her into trouble, her heart replacing her brain. She has been known to flirt shamelessly, but almost always with a means to the end - a pretty little locket or much sought after map. The flirting can partially be blamed on a desire to be loved and liked, a trait that hasn’t always led to the best results. She is often paranoid that people dislike her, which can result in a bitchy attitude or a shy, repressed self.

She prefers to be indoors more than out. Books are her treasure in life and she has been known to read more than two books at once. She can be found writing at any given moment, a daily routine, whether it’s to jot down a quick poem or an amusing quote from a crew member. L.A. Noire is extremely interested in mythology (particularly Egyptian), Buddhism, and history. She possesses a need to collect things, especially charms, trinkets, or keepsakes that she can add to her person, finding it hard to get rid of most things. For that, she is often associated with birds in the magpie family. She is extremely family oriented and fiercely protective of her friends, growing vicious should anyone slight her loved ones, a contrast to the normally sweet aura L.A. Noire possesses.

-Strengths : Follows her own path, loyal, creative, writing skills, quick reader, skilled horseback rider.
-Weaknesses: Love, sex, colourful things, friends, death of loved ones, books, keys, trinkets, orchestral music, complaining.
-Talents and Hobbies: Thievery, seduction, spinning a pretty tale, dancing, Equestrian riding.
-Interests: Goggles, gears, lace, skirts, corsets, cellos, birds, horses, paper, ink, heels, wings, feathers, keys, Russian, Japanese, tea, stars, traveling, languages/accents, journals.