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Brother Luke Chester Smith


Ship: Isabella

Title: Bosun/Gunner



Date of Birth: Feb 21, 1856


Brother Luke thinks of the crew like a 2nd family. Very protective, can be moody at times. Still a little edgy around Javier due to their early meeting when he met the cap'n. Tries to be a gentleman, especially around the ladies, but usually faceplants from trying too hard. Can be seem tinkering around the ship, doing chores, whatever is needed. Has a passion for books, good food, a occasional pint of dark ale. Lives down in the hold, near the holding cell where he firstet cap'n. His views on religion and theology, especially steam are a bit extreme, and he can talk for HOURS.. If warmed up to the subject.He can be generous to a fault at times, maybe too much..
Usually the first one over the side after Javier during a raid, he is fiercely competitive on seeing Isabella getting a good haul. He's hoping to someday earn enough coin to buy his way out the bounty on his head. Encouraged by the cap'n, he is decyphering the old book his father send him.. What wonders are inside remain to be seen.


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