Graf zeppelin

Ship name - O'Reilly

Officially formed - July 11, 1915

Affiliation – Members of SCARS, not active, mostly stick to themselves, doesn't like conflict unless a member has a personal vendetta.

Crew classification – Pirate

Vessel type – Airship

Current crewEdit

  • Captain: Aaron Stimes
  • First Mate: Desdinova
  • Quartermaster: Angus Schröder
  • Medic and Docter: Adelaide Pentin
  • Mechanic: Jane "Pipsqueak" Tylkolski
  • Journeyman Chef: Ademar "Uncle" Wesselyn
  • Navigator: Aryana Cullen
  • Smiley. - No offical title
  • Prodigy Orphan: Adie
  • Honorary Crew Memeber: Andy Heintz
  • Ex-Sponser: Mr. Morrtimer Rattersby
  • Ballast and Weight Engineer: Bartholomew James
  • Captain's Personal Assistant: Max Pearsen
  • Fellow Adventurer: Lacy B Timeless
  • Artist: Miss. Summers