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Rio Bravos 5 is an Alternate Timeline Reality

Rio Bravos 5 is a A-Sphere Reality that is in the upper hemisphere near the Merchant Systems. It is dominated by the influence of Spanish Mission culture after the desertification of most of the globe in a mysterious eternal drought. Although bleak and unforgiving Rio Bravos 5 has an overabundance of precious minerals and is a target of Multiverse smuggling and piracy.

Rio Bravos is a Bandit Reality with no central rulership. Huge sections of the Earth are overseen by conglomerates ruled by totalitarian family heads known as "The Dons".

Though their system is corrupt and oppressive most citizens admit it is necessary to survive. Rio Bravos 5 is known to support SCARS with precious metal and rare elements in unprocessed ore form.


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