Vincent Wolfe

Ship: Sand Steamer Prometheus

Title: Doctor

Affiliation: Order

Age: Unknown

Race: Human?

Homeworld: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown


Arrogant, egotistical, ill tempered.
Prefers using diseases and illnesses as weapons, with the exception of his syringe and scalpel. Enjoys making people suffer (preferably emotionally and psychologically rather than physically)


Although though he was born into a poor family and was unable to attend any schools, he was still a very intelligent child. This caught the eyes of many schools allowing him to leave his family and join the ranks of the worlds brightest children in the School of Maldor, a school dedicated to teaching only the brightest. While at the school, Vincent excelled in all areas of medical science, as well as exceeding those of the rest of his class in every subject. After using up his resources in a search for immortality, Vincent joined the crew of the Sand Steamer Prometheus, where he became the close friend, and eventually lover, to the ship's captain whose name is currently unknown. One day the captain fell I'll to an unknown disease, one that Vincent failed to cure. In a moment of dispair and madness, Vincent piloted the Prometheus into a cliff, killing most of its crew. When Vincent awoke, he found himself revived by The Order. He now serves the Order, and his madness, while continues his research in viral vaccines and trying to create the perfect cure.